I'm an alumna of Sundance's Latino Screenwriting Project

    (a script lab for Latinx writers),

    past winner of the Virginia Screenwriting Competition,

    and writer/director of THESE COLORS DON’T RUN, on HBO and Hulu.

    And... I just moved to Los Angeles, California USA!


    I recently shot POST COMEDY,

    a short film about a Latinx comedian doing stand-up with PTSD.

    Both funny ha ha, and funny sad.

    POST COMEDY is the winner of a camera and lighting grant from

    DC-Camera and Women In Film DC, and is in post-production.


    I have a strong background in education, social justice, and anthropology/linguistics. I love to write screenplays,

    consult on scripts, create comedy content...

    and I'd love to work with you.


    My projects have been recognized by:

    Latino Screenwriting Project Fellow 2015

    Selected for a three-day lab to workshop THE RADISH BABY, my feature-length, magical realist script. Sponsored by The Sundance Institute and

    CineFestival San Antonio.

    Tangerine Entertainment Fellowship Finalist for Stowe Story Labs 2015

    Winner of the 2015 Virginia Screenwriting Competition

    The very contest that helped launch Vince Gilligan's (Breaking Bad) career.

    Fox Writers Intensive Nominee

    Selected by Melissa Silverstein as a Women And Hollywood nominee for the Fox Writers Intensive.

    Latino Lens

    Short Film Incubator

    One of the final 12 projects in NALIP's 2016 Latino Lens Short Film Incubator for THESE COLORS DON'T RUN.

    Spotlight Grant Winner

    Recipient of Arlington County and Arlington Cultural Affairs 2016-2017 Individual Artist Grant for my short film project, THESE COLORS DON'T RUN

    Filmmaker Grant Recipient

    Awarded the 2016 Love Your Shorts Film Festival's Production Grant for THESE COLORS DON'T RUN

    DC Shorts Film Festival Premiere

    THESE COLORS DON'T RUN premieres at the 2017 DC Shorts Film Festival :)

    Official Selection of the New York Latino Film Festival 2017

    Sí! THESE COLORS DON'T RUN to screen in October 2017 at NYLFF sponsored by HBO

    Official Selection of the 2017 Cucalorus Festival

    Incredibly stoked for THESE COLORS DON'T RUN to screen at the Cucalorus Festival in November 2017!

    Official Selection of the 2017 Austin Film Festival

    AFF is one of my most favorite festivals (it's where I met many members of my virtual writing group The Writers Bloc) and I'm so glad we're screening our Austin-made film here!

    Official Selection of the 2017 High Falls Film Festival

    A legitimately dope festival focusing on women's narratives and movies shot on film :)

    Official Selection of the 2018 Borrego Springs Film Festival

    Just east of Hellhole Palms, CA, and the Anza-Borrego Desert, is this dark-sky town festival - a place where you can see billions and billions of stars. Pretty rad!

    Official Selection of the 2018 Rosebud Film Festival

    Sponsored by Arlington Independent Media, this DC fest keeps media indie and open to the public. ⭐️🎥⭐️

    Official Selection of the 2018 San Diego Latino Film Festival

    For 25 years, this festival has been providing critical media representation to Latinos and to the world. Qué chido!

    Official Selection of the 2018 Houston Latino Film Festival

    Houston is one of the most culturally diverse cities in America and we're proud to be screening our film to their huge Latinx community, and to people who just wanna watch some dang good movies, yo.

    Official Selection of the 2018 Women In Film & TV International Short Film Showcase

    With chapters all over the world, Women In Film and Television International screens shorts at special showcases each year. These Colors Don't Run has been chosen as the Washington DC chapter's official selection for 2018.

    Official Selection of the 2018 Indie Grits Festival

    This Columbia, SC festival celebrates the work of southeastern US filmmakers (with special attention to women and Latinx voices), puppetry, live music, and tons of other programming. It's a real one!

    HOLY COW, HBO licensed our film!

    Check us out in HBO Latino’s scheduled programming, or use On Demand and streaming to get us through all HBO platforms and Hulu!

    TCDR included in “Reclamation,” a Feminist Fine Art and Film Series

    Curated for contemporary gallery’s 2018 exhibit on reclaiming and transforming women’s portrayals in artistic mediums in conjunction with Stowe Story Labs, TriBeCa Film Festival, and more.

    2019 Top 5 Short Script for Baltimore Screenwriters Competition

    For short script, POST COMEDY, co-written with Jax Baires.

    Winner of 2019 Equipment Grant from DC-Camera and WIFVDC

    POST COMEDY, a short film I directed, produced, and co-wrote, selected to receive a beautiful ARRI Alexa Mini rental package, Zeiss Superspeed lenses,

    lighting and sound equipment.

    Indie Theatre Programs Night of Latinx Films

    THESE COLORS DON'T RUN curated for Suns Cinema's night of stellar Latinx films in Mount Pleasant, DC

    We're screening at a national museum in DC!!!

    THESE COLORS DON'T RUN curated by the Spanish Embassy (Spain Culture & Arts) for their "Mujeres de Cine" series, screening at the National Museum for Women in the Arts, directly before feature, VIAJE AL CUARTO DE UNA MADRE, by Celia Rico Clavellino.

  • NEED A WRITER or help with

    Project conception? 


    Here's what I can do...

    • Create a screenplay based on your ideas (or mine if you like!)


    • Collaborate on your script as a co-writer; help with a polish; work on any re-writes needed


    • Be a, "Cultural Story Consultant" to strengthen your project's cultural content


    • Punch up your script's comedy & dialogue


    • Show new screenwriters how to translate their stories into scripts


    • Help screenwriters find the emotional core of their projects (a conversation & notes process)


    • Craft original, engaging content for your brand/organization
    • Present workshops on topics like, "Conflict Transformation and Mindfulness for Filmmakers and Creatives”
    • Write essays on screenwriting, film, arts & culture, travel, education, family life, and more

  • WHY ME?


    Beneath the surface, new universes wait.


    From subject/verb agreement, to ferreting out the heart of a concept, to your latest haircut, I notice things BIG and small!


    If I have a question, I'll ask. In a concise, non-awkward way.

    Easy To Work With

    Working on film sets, with long-distance writing partners,

    in schools, office environments, and in the social and criminal justice systems, has given me the experience and flexibility to help you realize your goals.


    Writing doesn't have to be like pulling teeth. Unless pulling teeth is your idea of fun - in which case, cool. No judgment!


    Deadlines. Project management. Grant reports. Editing based on notes. I've done all this and more... in a timely manner.


    A peek into some of my stuff for film and web

    IMDb credits

    Film work as director; writer; producer; wardrobe designer; HMUA.

    The iChancla 5c - An iPhone parody (co-written with Youtube personality, Eddie G.)

    Commissioned to write comedy content for this on-line cultural powerhouse.

    Featured on Funny Or Die's Tweet Roundup

    How did a SPORTS TWEET I wrote get play? By talking about our country's forefathers and a teeny tiny itty bitty piece of the male anatomy.


    Click on the "sports tweet" imbedded link and scroll to @viadear's entry


    Writer for Oh Em Gee, It's Eddie G! He's a Youtube sensation, yo.

    Vulture Interview with Jenny Nelson about how comedy influences my Twitter

    Funnytweeter.com selected tweet

    Click on the imbedded link or logo to see the legacy I shall leave my grandchildren.

    Tweet in the comedy section of Paste Magazine :)

    Growing up on Long Island somehow made its way into this tweet about appointing a Supreme Court Justice. (click on the hyperlink above or Paste logo, then scroll to #13 in the tweet gallery by @viadear)

    Silly theoretical mathematics tweet featured on Mashable.com, y'all!

    What do Trump, Boris Johnson, and Gary Busey all have in common? They're in one of my tweets featured on Mashable.com. Click on the hyperlink above or Mashable logo, and scroll to the tweet by @viadear.

    Featured Mediator in


    by Rachel Libert

    Shown on Oprah and MSNBC. This award-winning documentary spotlights an innovative process between victims and offenders of violent crimes - facilitated dialogues held in prisons - created for both parties to discuss the crime, its effects, and to give and receive answers to their most persistent questions.

    Guest Post for Women In Film & Video: Storytelling at Sundance

    Short essay on the importance and reach of storytellers. Click on hyperlink above or Women In Film & Video icon for link ------->

    DMV Filmmaker Interview with Kevin Sampson

    An in-studio conversation on storytelling, early movie influences, culture, and what it's like to be in a Sundance lab.

    Chris Kelly's review of These

    Colors Don't Run at the DC

    Shorts Film Festival

    "... a film with self-discovery at its heart."

    Eliza Berkon's article on DC Shorts, featuring These Colors Don't Run :)

    "... a young girl realizing [her] own independence... explored with humor and honesty..."

    Full-length interview gets personal about These Colors Don't Run and Via (gracias, Carmela Baranowska!)

    "I made my film because stories have the power to humanize."

    Thank you for the shout-out, Kodak - we loved shooting on film!

    "I was looking for a slightly dreamy, cinematic quality that felt like memory itself..."

    [Click on Kodak icon to see post]

    TCDR is part of Northern Virginia Magazine's #2 "culture story" of 2017. 😍🎥😍

    "Local filmmakers such as Via Bia shine a light on the overlooked [short movie] art form, earning accolades for films that are written in our own neighborhoods..."

    [click on Northern VA Mag hyperlink above to read more]

    The DCist turns its eye towards TCDR’s new place in HBO’s lineup, and into what makes Via tick...

    "I think America has yet to live up to this thing they say they’re all about, which is equality."

    Interviewed for Final Draft article about the Austin Film Festival by Asmara Bhattacharya

    "I feel... focused on writing work that is uncynical with honest emotionality."

    An article I wrote for Stowe Story Labs on my favorite films of 2017.

    "[QUEST is a story about] holding tightly to each other and contending with an America that doesn't always care how good you are or how hard you work. It is filled with love and truth."



    Check 'em out!

    Official Trailer for HBO Latino!

    The story of a first communion gone down the shitter.

    Classic trailer made by our team!